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America Is Split Between Republicans And Democrats

Liberals endorse compassion and comprehending on the subject of punishing thieves whereas conservatives feel in stringent application on the law. In case the laws usually do not deliver a fair and reasonable penalty, then they revise the laws. Liberals need complete care for our citizenry and being accountable for managing their care. Conservatives alternatively feel within the purpose of the Constitution is for everybody to have equal chance to attain or fail to obtain their purpose.

A Satirical Look At A Political Forum

It is Harold Lasswell, a supporting scientist, who defined politics as who gets what, when, how; that seems to capture the essence of modern competitive policy. It seems that is the reason why politics seem to interest a great number of people. An internet search for policy and a political forum yields results that can only be rivaled by a similar search for pornography.

The Political Talk In The United States Is Anything But Talk

Complete fabrications are what passes as political talk in today's electioneering. The screeching about the other party's ideas are insulting in that they usually miss every point made by their opponents. Some of them do not even care whether they have it right, they just need the sound bite.

When one side of the discussion will say that the other side wants to kill old people, that is beyond the pale.

Why Buy American Made Products Only

By Melody Lyons

So many people today in the United States of America still do not know the importance attached to their products. The thing however is, it is important to buy American made products only. This will help to make sure that the status of financial system not only increase but also become stabilized the best way possible.

The manufacturing of the goods from America comes about through safe means. This is due to the creation happens in a very safe environment that not only help in making sure that the goods are safe for general consumption but also they lead to the preservation of natural environment. The goods are also of good quality than their counterparts.

One way to stop child labor from going on and taking full roots is buying commodities from USA. When one buys anything from outside countries, they help build up the need for more labor. At long last, there is less labor that even children becomes victims of such circumstances and are subjected to labor against their own wish.

When people buy good from America they help build its economy. Buying from other countries derails this state and nothing better comes about at long last. It is therefore important to channel all financial resources towards the growth of the economy United States of America.

It is important to trade with the home country to help reduce trade deficit. For example, USA owes a lot of money to china and buying goods from China mounts up the debts. This leads to an increase in trade deficit.

Therefore, it is wise to buy american made products only to help save the economy of USA. This is what matters most and needs proper assessment. Help elevate USA, as it is an ideal economic and social globe.

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Kamis, 19 April 2012

Searching For The Right Boat Sales Billings

By Andrea Rivas

There are a few people who are quite fond of traveling the seas and enjoy the waves and the breeze. For most people this has become their hobby and pastime. However, they need the perfect partner to achieve this. They need reliable boat sales Billings, which they can use to sail around.

This equipment makes it much more comfortable to be traveling by water. This is the best time to spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the leisure and pleasure of traveling. This is also used by some sports enthusiasts and those who are fond of fishing together with their family and friends.

However, this buy is quite costly so you need to search for one that is worth the price you paid. You need to determine the model you want to buy and be particular with its features that you will be needing. Be conscious about its additional accessories and other sailing needs as well.

Consider your financial ability when making your decision as well. Set your budget so you do not go beyond your capacity, but do not decide based on price alone. Think about its overall quality when compared to its price.

Think about the vessel's passenger capacity as well. Since you are planning to have your entire family on the boat for the tour, you have to have enough space to accommodate them. Hence, when you have a bigger family, you have to look for a larger vessel.

Once you have finally decided about the type and model you want, you must look for a trustworthy dealer. You can ask for recommendations from some of your relatives, associates or friends who just bought their vessels as well.

You have the option to buy your watercraft online. However, it is advised that you physically examine the equipment before you actually buy them. This way, you can check the functionality and quality of the device. You may also test all its features and address all your sailing needs.

You have to do extensive research on your own boat sales Billings before making your final decision. You can look for more than one watercraft so you can compare them. Once you have made up your mind, make sure to discuss the details with the detail to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

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A Simple Guide To Commodities For Beginners

By Melody Lyons

The terms commodity trading is often heard in the news or seen in business sections of newspapers. Mystified and confused, many are left wondering what this terminology really means. This article directed at clarifying commodities for beginners will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

This form of trade is also known as futures trading. Different to other types of trading, such as share dealing or art investments, in many instances it is really a case of speculating on the expected price that a commodity may be at a future date. It is closer to betting on the movement in which a price is expected to move.

A view of understanding a commodity is to see it as the raw material we use to uphold day to day life by producing goods and resources. This encompasses a lot but that is the reality of the commodity business. It includes a range as wide as rice in a paddy field to metals like iron and aluminum, or the building blocks of energy: natural gas and oil.

There are three important aspects to consider. Firstly it must be something tangible with which to trade. Secondly it must be a deliverable item. Thirdly there must be liquidity through the presence of a seller and a purchaser. Imagine a farmer with a large herd of cattle being reared for the beef market. Recent market dips and peaks have raised concerns about prices. A large fast food outlet makes an offer at a price considered reasonable, and the farmer agrees to supply 3000 head of cattle at a fixed price per kilogram.

A supermarket chain becomes concerned about shortfalls of rice on the market and the effect this may have on prices. The manager decides to approach a farmer and negotiates to purchase 5000 tons for delivery in 4 months time. Thus a contract for a commodity or futures is created. Each party is secure with the knowledge that regardless of how prices might move in the period up to delivery the supermarket will pay nothing more for the rice and the farmer get paid nothing less.

Obviously there is a bit more to it than this. Some of the instruments and methodology used to buy, sell and often resell contracts are quite complex and advanced. But as a first step for explaining commodities for beginners, and using simple examples, it really is not too difficult to gain an understanding.

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The Mat Board Cutter Is A Best Friend To An Artist

By Melody Lyons

The mind of an artist is an amazing and difficult to comprehend entity for those of us less gifted. We marvel at the ability of taking what they see, just as we do, and replicating it on canvas, but that does not assure commercial success. Mastering mat board cutter skills will allow the craftsman greater leverage in presenting their wares.

The vast majority of the population does not claim to to have nor aspire to creative expertise. The interesting thing is that real artists actually have to work really hard to perfect their craft as well. When it comes to making a living however, , it is the customer who decides what constitutes quality.

The artist has always faced a serious dilemma in their work. The competing priorities are the integrity of his work versus the desires of a less informed market. Even the great masters in the past had to have sponsors to pay for their materials and livelihood.

The business of art is a complex and difficult endeavor. Michelangelo, the painter of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, died a poor man though his paintings sell for millions today. Success in the marketplace requires the creation of what the customer wants.

Thus, for an artist dedicated to pure style and message, a generous patron is a necessity. If the works of art must be sold to the public, then market values prevail. Presentation becomes as important as skill and creativity.

When a drawing or painting is for sale, it has to please the consumer, not the artist. Whether or not it is appropriate, buyers want a well packaged product. If for no other reason, painters should become skilled with the Mat Board Cutter, then they can control how their wares are displayed.

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Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning Services In San Diego

By Rosalind Estes

Commercial cleaning services San Diego are provided by companies which can either be contracted by businesses or individuals. These companies earn their income by carrying out clean-up jobs on a range of premises. In the process, a wide variety of methods, equipments and chemicals are applied.

There are people who prefer testimonials and references when looking for a service provider. It is important that a business prepares a clear written description of what it expects from a facility provider. It is usually more appropriate to work under a contract where everything is put in writing.

What a business expects from the company and the payment the entity is willing to offer should be put in writing. An Individual or business should consult an attorney to make sure that a contract is legal and has provisions that protect both parties. An individual should make sure that a contract stipulates specific procedures to be followed in case a grievance arises.

Companies can offer services to a variety of businesses, entities or organizations. However, there are exceptions. The healthcare field is very sensitive and requires cleaners who are properly trained on how to handle biohazard wastes.

Once a business calls and sets up a schedule with the company, cleaners are provided. It is more cost-efficient to contract an external service than hiring a private cleaner. A company that outsources a service cuts back costs and can reinvest funds in better income generating business opportunities.

commercial cleaning services San Diego can be accessed by just making the right phone call. Cleaners can be availed occasionally or daily depending on the type of duties to be performed. For offices used during the day, they are usually cleaned at night.

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Rabu, 18 April 2012

The Advantages Of Professional Questionnaire Services

By Rosalind Estes

If you need to carry out research, consider utilizing professional questionnaire services. You can use them to carry out the whole research or just use them to prepare well phrased questions which your respondents can answer. Well formatted questions will get you response from a wider audience. Make sure you know how to go about the whole process if you choose to carry it out on your own.

The companies are fast and efficient. This is because most of them have automated programs which will analyze the feedback given to your by your respondents to come up with logical conclusions. The results of your survey should get you meaningful results for your business. They will be able to work within the given time frame.

There are some companies on the Internet which provide you with the opportunity to design and conduct your own surveys through the programs they offer. Access to some of these programs are free but in most cases you will need to pay for using the program. These programs are easy to use. You should be able to set it up online and get respondents to answer questions before analyzing the results.

Your contractual agreement with the company should state that the information collected will not be provided to anyone else apart from you. This will protect your interests and keep the information safe. Work with a credible company to ensure they do not violate your terms of employment

Communicate clearly what you want the company to do for you to minimize any misunderstandings. They should be able to offer you various solutions on how to go about your survey. They should be able to offer diverse methods to ensure that you get comprehensive results.

Since most companies that provide Professional Questionnaire Services do not charge a high fee, it will be best to use their expertise. Plan through the whole project to prevent any hiccups as the project goes on. Utilize the results provided to better your business.

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Some Decent Wholesale Shawls For You

By Andrea Rivas

When you need to go for wholesale shawls, you should ensure you get the most superior products. Some products that are commonly searched for is the pashmina. The popularity here is mainly due to its soft texture. It has a subtle appeal thus its popularity. They can also match the outfit of the wearer at any time.

Cashmere scarf is also prevailing in the market. This is due to their uniqueness made possible by the excellent wool quality. The soft feel is responsible for their classiness. Their uniqueness is because the bulk of the wool can only be found on the Cashmere sheep found in India.

Shahtoosh is a popular shawl and more expensive in nature. This is mainly because it is created from the beard of the Ibex. They are of a good class of products since they are handy and extremely popular with many supermodels and celebrities.

The demand for Jacquard is also notable. This is because of the classiness and sophistication it gives to the person wearing it. The design is of an importance especially to people of different ages. A particular Jacquard loom spins the product. The appeal for this splendid product is sure to sell.

The trends that are provided by the Jamawar shawl are extremely modern. This is because it is a pattern that exudes the authentic essence of any woman and is mainly hinged on the exclusivity it provides. Many women love this particular shawl luxurious thus essential for anyone. You can look fabulous in any selection of color.

It is impossible to speak about the existence of intricate wholesale shawls without the work silk. There you will get access to some excellent products made of silk. The demand here is likely to have the prices shoot up. Therefore, this is one thing to go for when shopping. They are fashionable and can be worn with whichever outfit.

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When You Need Signs Davie Establishments Are Open.

By Andrea Rivas

When you need signs Davie establishments are open. Businesses are sure to realize a host of benefits when they pick a sign to let consumers know about their firm. These can be installed in an exterior location and include lighting for the most dramatic visual effects.

There are plenty of choices, and most companies prefer to have something that is built for their particular line of work. Adding a brand image or logo is one of the best ways to make the most of a sign. Most consumers instantly associate certain colors and designs with particular businesses. This promotes brand loyalty, draws new customers and ensures client retention.

There is also a way to add lights to the sign and make it even more apparent to motorists. This option appeals to companies that are open during the evening and want to alert consumers as to their location. These models look great and will provide an ample return on investment.

The materials that are used in a sign will also affect the durability and cost of a particular item. Metal, wood and plastic are some things that are commonly used. Each has their own benefit, but there are certain features that make each of these materials ideal for particular situations.

Attracting new customers is one benefit that a sign offers to sellers. Adding these outside of a company's building is a great way to tell consumers what is available. Outdoor models must be especially made so that they can resist the damages of wind, rain and snow.

When you need Signs Davie establishments are open. Advertising goods and services is one of the benefits that a company will get when they keep a sign in front of their doors. Lighted and exterior models are readily available and can be made to showcase the particular logo of any brand.

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The Primary Features Of Morse Code

By Melody Lyons

Morse code is the term used to describe the process in which textual information is submitted using a series of tones, lights and clicks. It is observed by both skilled listeners and individuals without the special equipment. International versions include Arabic numbers, procedural signals, punctuation, basic Latin alphabet and some extra Latin letters.

Every letter and numeral is symbolized by a special series of dots and dashes. The dash duration is three times dot duration. All of these symbols are followed by a silence equivalent to a duration of the dot.

Letters that make up the words are separated using a space that is equivalent to seven dots. In this transmission method, a standard unit for time measurement is the dot duration. Speed is measured using CPM, characters per minute, or WPM, words per minute. All characters vary by length because they have different numbers of dots and dashes. Words also have different lengths based on their dot duration, regardless of if they use the same number of characters.

This type of communication technique is often used by operators in amateur radio. Many countries have made it so that this is not a required skill for certain licenses. However, there are many fields in which a basic knowledge of this method is necessary. For example, professions such as aeronautical navigational aids, air traffic controllers and pilots.

One of the major benefits associated with transmission over radio waves is that communication can be received even with signals are poor and voice communication would be difficult. Furthermore, no decoding mechanisms are necessary. So, it can be used when sending automated digital data by way of voice channels, as an alternative to synthesized speech.

Morse Code is a simple, yet versatile way for telecommunication. It can be used in moments when improvisation is necessary, such as with poor signals or in emergencies. This form of communication dates back hundreds of years.

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Improve Business Performance By Choosing The Correct Retail Project Management Team

By Rosalind Estes

The accomplishment of various ideas can be achieved through various means. A small business can form a retail project management team to undertake some tasks. The endeavors are aimed at coming up with solution for different business issues. The conclusions arrived at by the strategy team are supposed to be implemented to improve business performance.

The team alone cannot accomplish the business venture. Experts who are experienced in managing missions have to be looked for. They can either be experienced persons or established companies who have accomplished the tasks before. They are supposed to provide the guidelines and direction to e undertaken in the task procedure.

Apart from the experts, motivation and support must also be provided by the executives of that company. Even if the enterprise managers might not be directly involved in this venture, their support is very crucial in accomplishment of the mission. The support could be in form of approval of budgets and making their presence in meetings.

Before starting out on the mission a clear plan should be drawn up. This involves coming up with the goals and the deliverable that must be accomplishment. The members ought to work toward these deliverable because this is what is to be achieved in the mission. The deliverable should be suggested by team members and also ways of achieving them.

The members also must work together. This team mission and every member ought to know what the other are up to. It is always good to choose the best people for the work. The various talents should get their motivation from executives so that the venture can be success. External help can also be sought after. These include experts involved in accomplishment of various enterprise missions.

retail project management incorporates all business aspects. Risk managing capabilities is also a requirement so that the undertaking does not result to failure. With the right people in the team, the assignment ought to succeed.

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Selasa, 17 April 2012

The Need For Forklift Service In Los Angeles

By Mayra Roman

Taking good care of forklifts should be the priority of every person who wants to make better use of such machines. This is because unless you get good forklift service Los Angeles, it will be very difficult for you to make good use of these machines. That can be the cause of so many problems.

Getting better services requires you to hire a suitable individual or company to do the work. This is not something that can be given to anyone who claims to have the capacity to work on it. Unless you choose carefully, it will be very difficult for you to get good services.

A good professional is one who can offer high quality services. Most probably, you are looking for someone who can work on the machines in a good way so as to make it easy to use them. You do not want someone who does not even know what is required.

It also will be good if you get someone who is available. No matter how competent they are, they will be of no help to you if they cannot work for you at the time when they are needed most. For instance, your forklifts could be involved in an accident meaning that such services are required urgently.

They should have all the necessary equipment. The type of work that they will do depends largely on the equipment that is used. You therefore must ask them to confirm whether or not they have all the important tools. If they do not have them, they can easily hire from others.

It also can be good if you compare the services of several technicians. There usually are many people who do Forklift service los angeles. You however may not know who the most suitable one is until you have seen what they can do.

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Learning About Morse Code And Its Uses

By Traci Oneill

Morse code is one type of communication techniques that uses clicks, on off tones and lights to transmit textual information. The transmitted message can be understood and interpreted by a person who has background and decoding skills of this method.

Dits and dahs or dots and dashes respectively are used to represent characters such as letters and numerals. Three dots represent the space separating each letter of one word. Meanwhile, seven dots also represent the space that separate one word from another.

When it comes to speed measurement, this is typically measured in characters per minute or words per minute. The lengths of the words and characters would vary as this will depend on the dits and dahs. Coding efficiency is one feature which is very important in this method.

Extensive use of this technique began in the 1890s where it was commonly used for early radio communication. A this point in time, voice transmission was not yet possible which lead people to make use of these communication signals instead when transmitting messages.

This method has an advantage to offer has it can be used or transmitted by radio waves in conditions where there is poor signal. This technique makes a good replacement as voice communication would not be possible in these conditions. This will be useful in emergency situations.

Due to this reason, this system is seen as a good alternative for synthesized speech. It is possible to send digital data which will be interpreted by a skilled listener. It may be a simple method of telecommunication but it has helped many different sectors.

A number of industries still make use of Morse code today. These include the field of aviation, air traffic controllers and most especially amateur radio operators. This is also used by the general public during emergency cases. Individuals with certain disabilities can also make use of this. Morse Code

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3 Best Practice Steps for Consultation and Cooperation In the Workplace

By David Adams

There are quite a few added benefits for employers who go along with best practice consultation and cooperation mechanisms. These regulations influence communication in between management and employees and in some instances are not just procedures but the actual employment law.

A typical examples in which management ought to consult and cooperate with their employees that may include their trade unions are cited beneath:

- In the event the company is preparing to lay off more than 10 employees as a consequence of monetary, structural, technological or similar considerations. This number will evidently vary according to the size of the enterprise.

- Whenever the firm hopes to generate significant changes in the workplace that influence employees working hours or various other conditions including wage.

- In the context of employees calling for modifications to their working arrangements; illustration of this flexible working hours that may incorporate working from a home office.

- In situations of any modifications to the workplace health and safety policies, processes or procedures.

Organizations could use following methods to begin and keep on delivering the discussion and cooperation procedure on the job: develop continual employees meetings, institute workplace committees, have planned performance and development reviews, send out continuous written communications in a type of email newsletters and finally stimulate personnel response within the group meetings or even by sending internal web-based surveys.

Irrespective of consultation provision system, the managers ought to be aware about various employees backgrounds, national, language along with other diversity and obstacles. Each of these best methods can easily be incorporated by means of human resource guidelines, workforce agreements or different management structures.

3 optimal methods for consultation and cooperation on the job are:

1. Talk to employment lawyers for starters and after that tell the employees concerning what the firm is considering in changing, what procedure the corporation attempts to go through together with who will be making the verdict.

2. This is the consulting phase and this requires communicating more details of the projected changes and exactly how that is going to influence the commerce and recruits. Ask for employees reaction and value everyone's view specially the impacted team or a section. Achieve this via group meetings, forums, email or web-based surveys. The moment opinions are obtained, take into consideration the reactions and suggestions and try to further improve the procedure of the intended changes.

3. This is the review and implementation step that will involve lastly evaluating the ideas and data acquired and examine that next to business requirements. Just after acknowledging and documenting the choice and rationale behind it, communicate the decision and considerations back to the staff and / or their representatives. Put into action the change after which the company should request one last opinion on how the full decision making procedure and implementation could be enhanced in the future.

Whilst employer is not obliged to secure the agreement from personnel and their representative unions relating to future changes, the consultative undertaking will boost the cooperation at work. Whatever changes nonetheless will need to comply with relevant legal labor laws.

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Why The Sepoy Mutiny Of 1857 Took Place

By Mayra Roman

When India was captured by the British, there was one rebellion that until these recent days, are viewed by many to be one of the most popular uprisings that ever occurred in history. This rebellion is known as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

This rebellion began on the tenth of May of the same year. One of the reasons why the British were totally blind to this rebellion is because they have been unaware of the unrest that has been encompassing the natives because of their major control over he country.

In 1667, the British East India Company has decided to recruit troops within the ranks. This was because of their desire to gain more control and properly maintain the trading transactions. Later, these troops were allowed to fight using their weapons and their methods.

When native troops have began outnumbering the foreign ones, the concept of the sepoy mutiny of 1857 started. This even became strengthened when native troops have since outnumbered the British in a ratio of ten to one.

When the British gained control over two-thirds of India's lands, it was only a matter of time before the uprising erupts. Tensions within the rank has been considerably prevalent and the only thing that keeps them from escalating is the brutal suppression.

If there is a last straw that can be considered that led further towards the realization of the uprising, it would have to be how troops were mandated to load Enfield rifles accurately. The pig and cow oil used to oil the cartridge of these rifles were viewed by many as a way of tampering the caste system.

As popular as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 have been, it was just after a short time before it was stopped and controlled by the British. However, many people in India still consider it as the first and most important actions they have taken against colonialism and towards independence.

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Senin, 16 April 2012

How To Shop For Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

By Lynne Bonner

Buying swarovski crystal jewelry is as complex as buying any other kind of ornaments. There are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to make sure you get the right ornament for the right purpose. There are ornaments made out of this stones for the feet, the neck and even the wrists.

In order to be certain you are buying the right thing, you need to start by making sure you only buy from a good store. This is very important because many people cannot tell a good jewel from a bad one just at a glance. It takes an expert to tell whether or not an ornament is the right one and more so when it is made from rare stones.

Some tips on trying to make sure you are buying the right item are to start by thinking of the reasons why you need to buy the ornaments. There are special ornaments designed for special occasions. When buying an ornament, you must think of its intended use since this will help you in making a good choice.

Once you get to decide on any store, you need to make sure the store is within easy reach of your home. It does not pay to go hunting for your jewels very far away in places where you will not even be able to get free deliveries from the stores. Many stores offer free delivery only within certain distances from their location.

It is always good to choose a store that already has a good reputation. This is important since some stores may sell you the wrong items and this could lead to problems because they may not even accept to change the items when you complain about it latter.

It is advisable to buy from a swarovski crystal jewelry store that is closer to your home. This will be beneficial because you are likely to get free delivery of your purchase. If you buy from a store that is located very far away from your residence, you might have to pay for your own delivery. Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

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VoIP For Business Matters Is The Best Solution For Communication

By Mayra Roman

Cost effective communication methods are the key to improving the income of a company. A company will have to keep in touch with its partners, employees, and clients at all times in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. Using VoIP for business issues is the best cost effective solution to keeping expenditure low.

The internet is what is used for this type of communication, where voice data is broken down in to small data packets and transmitted through the internet. There should be a device which could assemble these packets on the other end to receive the voice data. Voice over Internet Protocol telephony should have special Hardware if you want to use it.

This telephony offers communication at very low costs especially if you have a leased line for your internet usage. Since a fixed price has only to be paid for a leased line, you are able to make an unlimited amount of calls for that price. That is why more and more businesses are adapting to it.

The quality of the call is increased according to the speed of your connection. If the connection is fast the calls are clear and if it is slow the voice will be distorted. You should obtain a broadband connection for this purpose.

You could find several providers on the internet who avail this method of communication today. Skype and Google are the main competitors, but there are a lot more who are ready to offer it for free or a small fee. There are many other benefits of using this method such as call waiting, call conferencing, and video calling too.

You will see that it is not so difficult to put voip for business use. You will first have to register yourself with a provider. It is good if you could get a telephone that can connect directly to the internet but if not, you could easily use a computer or laptop as well. You will definitely see a reduction in your phone bill through this.

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The Advantages Of Receiving CASS Certification

By Mayra Roman

Many businesses are focused on a multitude of methods in which to reach out their customers and other services on a regular basis. There are many businesses that still utilize more traditional modes of communication which often include the postal service for various reasons. Any business dealing with this mode of communication should understand the advantage of receiving CASS certification for their communication based needs.

The process of cass certification is performed by the USPS for all businesses that focus on the use of automated mailing systems. This is an endorsement that is offered to help make sure that any and all correspondence sent through an automated process is as accurate as possible. Businesses that receive this endorsement are able to hold it for an entire year.

Companies that focus on mailing for their marketing needs often find a wealth of perks associated with this endorsement. Many companies embrace these perks while others are often not sure if this is the right decision to make. Keeping a multitude of perks in mind helps ensure this process is performed successfully.

One of the most noted perks of this process is the ability to ensure that all mailings are accurate. The only means by which the use of the postal system for marketing efforts is effective is if all mailings reach their intended consumers. This endorsement helps ensure that accuracy is always present.

Businesses that undergo this endorsement are able to fully automate their mailing process. The only mail that is accepted from an automated system by the USPS is from those that have gone through the Cass endorsement. This is helpful in making all mailing efforts as efficient as possible.

Reduced postal rates are a final benefit of CASS certification. Mailing in bulk and in the most efficient manner possible often help the postal service award cheaper rates to commercial customers. This reduced mailing rate helps businesses keep their communication efforts under control.

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Impact Of SAP Certification And Training

By Mayra Roman

SAP certification and training is the most esteemed qualification in the IT sector. The certification training is a post graduate certificate offered to it professional after taking various Sap examinations. Trained consultants are the most expensively paid consultants in the world.

There are various examinations and certificates. The associate is the most basic and many IT professional can enroll for the examination. Those who are certified as associates can further take the professional examination. This examination is the highest that is being offered in the IT field. However, plans to launch masters' examination are under way. The different levels have various short term examinations.

Different institutions have collaborated with the firm in offering the training of the various examinations. These trainings take a short period of about ten days. The charges for getting this training are, however, extremely expensive.

In the early 1990s, the demand for certified consultants was enormous. This was part because few were willing to part with the sums of money that is demanded to get the training. This led to increased interest in the field, and many got trained and were assured of a job. This has, however, changed with time as more and more people are getting certified and those who are not certified advancing their skills that they are as good as the certified ones.

Majority of the institutions seeking IT consultancy still prefer SAP certified consultants. However, above the class room training, these organizations demand for the consultant to have an experience of about five years. This locks out very many technicians who are trained but lacks the necessary experience. The training is not, therefore, a guarantee for one to get a job.

The common belief that certified consultants are more competent than the none certified ones is changing fast. Many companies are now turning their attention to experience rather than looking for those with sap certification. This and the high charges, charged to get certified, are lowering the popularity of the certification.

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Factors Affecting Natural Gas Cost In Michigan

By Mayra Roman

Most people use gas on a daily to cook or even warm their residential homes. Some people use this commodity and even pay for its monthly bills without knowing how these charges are arrived at. It would be of immense importance to understand how natural gas cost Michigan is arrived at and try to find ways of minimizing individual monthly bills. Some of these factors can always be controlled by the consumers while others are natural and they may not have influence on them. These factors are usually classified into two, the supply dependent factors and the demand dependent factors.

The first factor that would have an effect on these prices is the weather. Most of the demands is usually during cold seasons. It is therefore advisable to buy this commodity when the weather is little bit warm to buy them at affordable rates.

Demand is another factor that most suppliers who use to fix their prices. When the demand is very high, the price may also rise especially in cases where the supply is low. This therefore implies that the supply would be another factor that would have an effect on the prices of this commodity.

The price may also depend on the supplier from which the commodity is bought. Various suppliers usually charge varying rates. This therefore calls for price comparison in different stores.

Another charge that is likely to find its way in the gas monthly bill is the distribution charge. This is usually the cost of transporting the commodity of the places where consumers need them. This plus the cost of safety measures is another factor that would determine how much consumers may have to pay for this precious commodity.

Consumer charge another variable that is always include in the calculation of Natural Gas Cost Michigan. This is always constant and does not factor in the volume of consumption of an individual. This covers for the maintenance charges as well as the safety fees.

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Minggu, 15 April 2012

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Private Investigator Tampa

By Johnnie Soto

There are very many reasons why you may need the services of a good private investigator Tampa. When the need arises to get the services of a detective as they are otherwise called, you need to understand what features to look out for. The method used to pick a good one will vary.

For many people, the decision to deal with any particular individual or firm depends on many factors. Some of the common factors include the kind of services the company has offered in the past and their reputation within the town. It is not easy to contract a detective with a bad record.

The kind of case you need investigated will also influence your choice of a firm to handle the job. A look at the reviews posted about most firms will reveal that each firm has its special areas of expertise. Criminal investigators may not do a good job when tasked to spy on a cheating spouse.

It is important to understand that the art of investigating matters has lots of technicalities. It is therefore important to look at the technical composition of the company you decide to contract. Some cases may involve spying and taking of secret surveillance videos. These could imply complicated logistical planning.

Equipment such as video cameras and secret surveillance systems are vital in ensuring that you can carry out your investigations in good time and with then best results. The number of personnel at work in any firm will also enhance their service delivery.

A good private investigator Tampa firm must have a good number of personnel with the relevant skills to get the job done. With a bigger crew, the client is likely to get better results within a shorter time limit. You can take your time to talk to other clients to understand the kind of reputation a firm commands locally before you decide to contract them.

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General Information on Immigration Lawyers in Australia

By David Adams

While we think over immigration to Australia we can not be blamed for believing that it started in the past 200 years or so. The onset of migration to Australia in fact begun some 51,000 years ago! Present day migration however is what we are going to cover here; it entails important knowledge of the law of the land in essence, immigration laws. This is when a potential permanent resident of this incredible land would need immigration lawyers or migration agent.

Firstly, let's look at what the difference is concerning immigration lawyers and what's traditionally known as migration agent.

Just like the case is in Australia, anyone supplying migration information and charges a payment for it have to be recorded from the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). They are also obliged to renew their license annually by this same federal division. Migration Agent number has to be clearly shown at the agent's internet site and in the office.

Immigration lawyers nonetheless belong to unique regulations and these are really exactly like practicing law in any other sector including industrial or the workplace law for instance. Primarily, any person charging for law information must possess a practicing certificate.

Attaining a degree in law after which being permitted to practice inside the State or National courtroom is commonly only done once - after the person graduates. Practicing certificate however should be renewed yearly; for this reason admission and practicing certificates are two totally different things. Considering that the last is renewed annually, there are various standards for a successful approval. This can include immigration lawyer performing certain quantity of ongoing study and possessing current specialist indemnity insurance cover plan.

Just like any career, migration expert may be used in a free context. Whenever you want help with any migration problem for your own or you are attempting to sponsor someone over from across the world, it is a good idea that you get yourself a really skillful specialist. How are you going to understand if someone claiming to be a skilled migration agent really is just that; ask questions.

Commissioning an immigration lawyer in Australia who possesses a practicing certificate for helping you with your migration problem will ensure that your communications are confidential and protected. This is otherwise known as legal professional privilege between an attorney and a client.

Immigration lawyers are tuned in to different varieties of laws which is particularly significant given that immigration cases have implications for individual obligations and rights in different areas of laws and society; workplace law, family, taxation and criminal laws deserve mentioning.

To conclude, migration agents can assist with the large variety of migration concerns and visa applications, nonetheless if they are in addition supported by immigration lawyers in the very same agency or they are teamed up in this fashion - this is the most suitable combination. In this manner you gain the best of both worlds; the day to day understanding of the migration agent while he or she will provide you a cost effective advantage and at the same time in case you want to appeal, immigration lawyers will step up and fully handle your case in front of Australian Office of Migration or Refugee Review Tribunal.

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The Role Of Intermodal Transportation In Los Angeles

By Mayra Roman

The intermodal transportation Los Angeles has greatly played a big role in the local economy. Shipping and freight services are very important aspects of the world of commerce. And vendors nowadays need not go from one territory to another for their merchandises to be sold or for them to purchase goods and scraps.

Goods are hauled day in and day out. Without the freight forwarding services, business enterprises could have trouble with their daily operations. Transport services are vital, especially with the daily market frenzy. Transportation modes on steamship and railroad can make transactions quicker, but the air transport is actually far quicker.

The only issue most merchants are concerned about in this method is the cost. Nonetheless, business operators have got to realize that any goods they purchase, as well as those they need to deliver to different areas have to be moved promptly or else, suffer a tremendous loss of profit.

This shipment method can give vendors flexibility on how they want their freight to be moved. They can also have convenience in creating more efficient approaches of doing so. Finding the right company to work with can be a lot demanding though.

Freights must be made sure that they are actually in the right hands while they are transported. This is why, traders must find highly dependable transporters to ensure that the goods are going to arrive or to be delivered on time. Space and time are crucial factors in doing business. Vendors, therefore, need to have these considered first before anything else.

Seekers should also get down cold on the credibility and legitimacy of the freight forwarders they hire. Therefore, they need to engage themselves in a serious research before contracting out.

The intermodal transportation Los Angeles is a great help in the local economy. Traders are, however, encouraged to be wary with those that they are working with.

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Isengin PC orang dengan UNLOCK THEM ALL!

Bagi kalian yang pengen sedikit jail dengan komputer orang. Bisa dengan aplikasi ini..
Aplikasi ini sangat simple dan mudah untuk digunakan.

Caranya tinggal pilih aja yang mau di hide, tinggal klik apply


Cara untuk masuk ke situs yang sudah diblokir

Sudah banyak bukan situs yang diblokir ? Yang dikantor misalnya, mungkin situs facebooknya di blokir karena suatu alasan. Apakah anda tersiksa dengan itu semua ?? Anda tinggal mengikutinya dan,,, facebook akan bisa dibuka kembali

sebelum saya kasih langkah-langkahnya saya ingin kasih tau bahwa ini hanya untuk pengetahuan semata. Jangan digunakan untuk yang tidak-tidak!!

1. masuk ke sini google translate
2.sesuaikan bahasanya
3. ketik alamat yang dituju
4. klik translate

Dan..... Anda berhasil masuk ke situs yang diblokir tersebut !!
Selamat mencoba..

Google Hacking

Mencari sesuatu digoogle mungkin lumayan sulit. Mungkin dengan software ini dapat memperkecil kesulitannya itu. Dengan google hack kita bisa mencari file yang kita inginkan dengan mudah. Dengan program ini anda tidak perlu repot - repot masukin string khusus untuk mempersempit pencarian. Anda hanya perlu memasukan kalimat pencarian, type file.

tinggal didownload saja :

Perbedaan antara Hacking, Cracking, Carding, dan Defacing

Bingung kan dengan kata-kata Hacking, Cracking, Carding, dan Defacing?? Mungkin bagi kalian yang masih belum mendalaminya akan menyimpulkan kalau Hacking, Cracking, Carding, dan Defacing hanya untuk merusak dan menerobos keamanan saja. Ternyata bukan untuk itu saja. Sekarang saya akan memberitahu perbedaannya.


Hacking adalah kegiatan menerobos program komputer milik orang/pihak lain. Hacker adalah orang yang gemar ngoprek komputer, memiliki keahlian membuat dan membaca program tertentu, dan terobsesi mengamati keamanan (security)-nya. Hacker memiliki wajah ganda; ada yang budiman ada yang pencoleng.

Hacker Budiman memberi tahu kepada programer yang komputernya diterobos, akan adanya kelemahan-kelemahan pada program yang dibuat, sehingga bisa “bocor”, agar segera diperbaiki. Sedangkan, hacker pencoleng, menerobos program orang lain untuk merusak dan mencuri datanya.


Cracking adalah hacking untuk tujuan jahat. Sebutan untuk cracker adalah hacker bertopi hitam (black hat hacker). Berbeda dengan carder yang hanya mengintip kartu kredit, cracker mengintip simpanan para nasabah di berbagai bank atau pusat data sensitif lainnya untuk keuntungan diri sendiri. Meski sama-sama menerobos keamanan komputer orang lain, hacker lebih fokus pada prosesnya. Sedangkan cracker lebih fokus untuk menikmati hasilnya.


Carding adalah berbelanja menggunakan nomor dan identitas kartu kredit orang lain, yang diperoleh secara ilegal, biasanya dengan mencuri data di internet. Sebutan pelakunya adalah Carder. Sebutan lain untuk kejahatan jenis ini adalah cyberfroud alias penipuan di dunia maya. Menurut riset Clear Commerce Inc, perusahaan teknologi informasi yang berbasis di Texas – AS , Indonesia memiliki carder terbanyak kedua di dunia setelah Ukrania. Sebanyak 20 persen transaksi melalui internet dari Indonesia adalah hasil carding. Akibatnya, banyak situs belanja online yang memblokir IP atau internet protocol (alamat komputer internet) asal Indonesia. Kalau kita belanja online, formulir pembelian online shop

tidak mencantumkan nama negara Indonesia. Artinya konsumen Indonesia tidak diperbolehkan belanja di situs itu.

Menurut pengamatan ICT Watch, lembaga yang mengamati dunia internet di Indonesia, para carder kini beroperasi semakin jauh, dengan melakukan penipuan melalui ruang-ruang chatting di mIRC. Caranya para carder menawarkan barang-barang seolah-olah hasil carding-nya dengan harga murah di channel. Misalnya, laptop dijual seharga Rp 1.000.000. Setelah ada yang berminat, carder meminta pembeli mengirim uang ke rekeningnya. Uang didapat, tapi barang tak pernah dikirimkan.


Defacing adalah kegiatan mengubah halaman situs/website pihak lain, seperti yang terjadi pada situs Menkominfo dan Partai Golkar, BI baru-baru ini dan situs KPU saat pemilu 2004 lalu. Tindakan deface ada yang semata-mata iseng, unjuk kebolehan, pamer kemampuan membuat program, tapi ada juga yang jahat, untuk mencuri data dan dijual kepada pihak lain.

Spammer Fix

Mungkin spammer yang sebelumnya membuat pc kalian jadi hang. Itu semua karena cara kerja spammer yang sebelumnya sangat cepat.
Dan sekarang spammer yang di Fix lebih cepat dari spammer lalu. Kok lebih cepat sih ? kan sama aja boong bikin hang PC orang aja ! ooo.... tidak bisa.
Sekarang saya sudah menambahkan times. Dengan ini dijamin tidak akan membuat PC kalian hang..
Apa itu times? Times adalah batas dari spamming yang akan kita lakukan. Misalnya saya timesnya ingin 10, jadi kita hanya bisa membuat spam 10 saja.

Maaf gak ada screenshot nya

Hack billing dengan BillHack

Sekarang kita main Hack-Hackan

Pengen main warnet sepuasnya ?? nih saya punya solusinya. Dengan BillHack kita bisa bermain gratis terus-menerus. Tapi kalau ketahuan sama mas-mas warnetnya jangan salahin saya. Artikel ini hanya untuk pengetahuan semata.

[Image: single1.JPG]


1. download dulu aplikasinya di atas.
2. Buka aplikasi billhacknya
[Image: menu.JPG]

3. pilih single client
[Image: single1.JPG]

4. buka run di start dan ketikan cmd.

5. setelah muncul ketikan net view maka akan terlihat komputer mana saja yang conect dengan komputer kita, dan cari nama komputer servernya biasanya pake nama SERVER, ADMIN

6. ketikan ping server tersebut contoh ping SERVER maka akan terlihat ip servernya.

7. setelah ketemu ip servernya masukan ip servernya di server ip/name seperti gambar diatas.

8. setelah itu masukan pc numbernya dengan no pc komputer di net kamu. dan isi billing username dengan nama di billing kamu.
[Image: single2.JPG]

9. setelah itu klik hack now. Alhasil

PING secara terus-menerus.

Ping dipake buat memastikan apakah kita benar-benar terkoneksi atau tidak. Apakah kita sedang di jaringan buatan milik hacker atau benar-benar terkoneksi ke internet.

Pernah dengar ungkapan kayak gini ???
"Awas kalo make internet di hotspot!!!!!! Coba tes ping ke Google dulu..."
Ini salah satu kegunaan ping.

Oke langsung aja :
1. Klik START MENU > RUN (atau tekan kombinasi tombol logo windows + R)
2. Tuliskan ping host -t ATAU ping IPAddress -t


--- Code: Ketik ping google.com -t
--- Enter ---


--- Code: Ketik ping -t
--- Enter ---


--- Code: Ketik ping ms-cyber-matrix.blogspot.com -t
--- Enter --- 

Karakter -t menandakan ping akan dilakukan terus menerus sekaligus memunculkan jendela command prompt. Ketik se

Melihat Aura Dengan Mata Telanjang

Banyak orang menduga aura hanya dapat dilihat dengan kekuatan batin tingkat tinggi, atau dengan bantuan khodam. Yang lebih modern, aura dapat terlihat jelas lewat hasil jepretan kamera kirlian. Tapi tahukah, aura sebenarnya dapat dilihat dengan mata telanjang.

Tips berikut ini akan memandunya. Namun sebelum kita ulas lebih jauh, ada baiknya kita tengok sejenak mengenai apa dan bagaimana sifat aura itu. Maksudnya agar kita tidak berpijak pada pemahaman yang salah.
Ada beberapa hal penting yang berkaitan dengan aura :
  • Aura manusia selalu berubah-ubah sesuai dengan kedewasaan kepribadian seseorang.
  • Aura manusia berwarna-warni sesuai dengan kepribadian dan kehidupan seseorang.
Masing-masing warna aura menunjukkan kepribadian yang berbeda. Panjang pendeknya aura dapat dideteksi dengan indra peraba kulit maupun dengan tongkat deteksi. Aura seseorang dapat mempengaruhi maupun dapat dipengaruhi oleh lingkungan sehingga dapat bertambah maupun dapat berkurang karena faktor lingkungan.
Ada beberapa hal yang dapat dilakukan agar pancaran aura tetap cemerlang, diantaranya :
  • Makan makanan yang halal, baik dan tidak berlebihan.
  • Olahraga yang cukup dan teratur.
  • Memenuhi kebutuhan tubuh akan udara segar.
  • Istirahat dengan cukup, mengurangi rokok, alkohol dan obat terlarang.
  • Mengurangi gerak hati, gerak pikir dan kegiatan-kegiatan yang buruk.
  • Mengurangi sikap hati yang kasar, mudah emosi dan memperbanyak rasa kasih sayang.
Sekarang, mari kita mulai latihan melihat aura. Sebelum melihat aura orang lain, ada beberapa urutan latihan yang harus dilakukan demi kesempurnaan hasil.

1. Melihat Aura Dengan Jari Tangan
Carilah tembok yang berwarna putih, lalu duduklah dengan tenang pada jarak 1/2 meter dari tembok. Ambil nafas sebanyak mungkin dan tahan selama mungkin. Lakukan sebanyak 5 kali. Gosoklah kedua telapak tangan hingga terasa hangat. Tempelkanlah masing-masing jari tangan kanan dan kiri saling berpasangan. Letakkanlah kedua tangan yang masih berpasangan tadi 30 cm didepan mata dengan latar belakang tembok berwarna putih.

Renggangkanlah perlahan-lahan kedua telapak tangan saling menjauh. Perhatikanlah, antara kedua ujung jari tadi akan mengeluarkan garis cahaya putih. Itulah aura yang memancar dari ujung jari kita.

2. Melihat Aura Dengan Telapak Tangan
Tariklah nafas dan gosokkanlah kedua telapak tangan seperti pada cara No. 1. Tempelkanlah salah satu telapak tangan pada tembok yang berwarna putih. Tariklah nafas, tahan dan hembuskanlah. Lepaskan telapak tangan dari tembok. Amatilah bekas telapak tangan yang tertinggal ditembok. Itulah aura yang memancar dari telapak tangan dan lama kelamaan akan larut dalam aura alam.

3. Melihat Aura Diri Sendiri
Letakkanlah cermin besar dihadapan kita. Duduklah dengan tenang. Usahakanlah latar belakang tembok berwarna putih dan penerangan berupa lampu neon. Tariklah nafas sebanyak mungkin dan tahanlah selama mungkin. Ulangilah sebanyak 5 kali. Tataplah bayangan diri kita yang ada dicermin. Pandangan mata diusahakan tidak melihat tubuh maupun bayangan tubuh, namun lihatlah batas tepian kepala dengan latar belakang tembok. Setelah pandangan mata kita terfokus, maka perlahan-lahan dari kepala dan bahu akan keluar cahaya aura kita. Sinar yang pertama kali terlihat, biasanya berwarna putih. Putih ini biasanya bukan merupakan warna aura kita yang sesungguhnya, melainkan dari warna aura yang sesungguhnya. Tataplah terus sampai kita melihat warna lain yang tidak berubah. Setelah berhasil, mulailah untuk melihat aura orang lain.

4. Melihat Aura Orang Lain
Mintalah bantuan seseorang yang akan menjadi objek untuk berdiri didepan tembok yang berwarna putih. Usahakanlah penerangan didalam ruangan dibuat remang-remang atau redup. Berdirilah lebih kurang 3 meter di depan objek. Fokuskanlah pandangan mata pada bagian tepi kepala dan bahu objek. Perlahan-lahan akan keluar sinar aura dari tepi kepala objek. Fokuskanlah pandangan pada seluruh tepian tubuh objek, maka seluruh tubuh objek akan memancarkan warna aura.

Lagu Mocopat Durma Untuk Memanggil Kuntilanak

Lingsir wengi sliramu tumeking sirno
ojo tangi nggonmu guling
awas jo ngetoro
aku lagi bang wingo wingo
jin setan kang tak utusi
jin setan kang tak utusi
dadyo sebarang
wojo lelayu sebet…”
Petikan syair diatas pasti tidak asing lagi bagi yang pernah menonton film kuntilanak yang dibintangi julie estelle, itu adalah syair durma yang bisa memanggil kuntilanak seperti yang diceritakan dalam film tersebut.
Durma itu adalah salah satu pakem lagu dalam Macapat. Macapat adalah kumpulan lagu Jawa yang mencakup 11 pakem (Dandhanggula, Mijil, Pocung, Megatruh, Gambuh, Sinom, Maskumambang, Pangkur, Durma, Asmarandana, dan Kinanthi). Tradisi Macapat ini diperkirakan dah mulai ada sejak jaman akhir kerajaan Majapahit.
Kira-kira artinya kayak gini:
Menjelang malam, dirimu (bayangmu) mulai sirna…
Jangan terbangun dari tidurmu…
Awas, jangan terlihat (memperlihatkan diri)
Aku sedang gelisah,
Jin setan ku perintahkan
Jadilah apapun juga,
Namun jangan membawa maut…
Setiap jenis pakem itu ada rumusnya (misal terdiri berapa baris; berapa suku kata; dan bunyi vokal tiap akhir baris). Jadi Durma pun punya rumus juga, dan Tembang Durma itu nggak cuma satu macam tapi banyak judulnya. Yang di muat di film itu cuma salah satunya. Rumus pakem lagu Durma adalah: 12-a; 7-i; 6-a; 7-a; 8-i; 5-a; 7-i.
Setiap tembang dalam Macapat mencerminkan watak yang berbeda-beda. Durma, disebut sebagai bagian Macapat yang mencerminkan suasana / sifat keras, sangar, dan suram. Bahkan kadang mengungkapkan hal-hal yang angker dalam kehidupan.
Dalam tradisi Jawa, ada istilah Tembang Dolanan (Lagu Mainan). Yang dimaksud adalah lagu yang dipakai untuk ritual permainan magis Jawa. Misal, ada lagu untuk memainkan Jalangkung; ada lagu untuk memanggil roh dalam permainan boneka Ni Thowong; dsb. Ada pula lagu yang dipercaya bisa memanggil buaya di sungai (dari pakem Megatruh), dan oleh orang Jawa sampai saat ini masih menjadi mitos larangan untuk dinyanyikan di sungai.
Tapi untuk lagu-lagu ritual, biasanya nggak berdiri sendiri untuk memfungsikannya. Lagu itu dinyanyikan dengan iringan syarat ritual yg lain. Tiap ritual syarat / sesajinya biasanya sangat spesifik, jadi kalau tidak memakai sesaji, lagu yang dinyanyikan tidak akan berpengaruh.
Di adat Jawa, ada lagu lain untuk “manggil” setan:
Sluku-sluku bathok, bathok’e ela-elo
Si romo menyang solo, oleh-oleh’e payung muntho
Mak jenthit lo-lo lobah, wong mati ora obah
Yen obah medheni bocah…
Dulu sebelum ada mainan-mainan canggih kayak sekarang, yang ada cuma mainan tradisional. Anak – anak Jawa punya tradisi, kalau bulan purnama mereka bikin boneka dari keranjang bunga yang habis dipakai buat ziarah (kayak Jelangkung). Terus bikin sesaji bunga tujuh rupa, sirih, dan tembakau, ditaruh di salah satu pinggir sungai.
Di malam bulan purnama, anak – anak mengelilingi boneka itu sambil menyanyikan lagu tadi. Lagu itu dinyanyikan berulang kali sambil memegang boneka, dan lalu…
Boneka akan bergerak… agresif…!
Itu artinya roh penunggu sungai telah masuk ke boneka dan mau diajak bermain. Permainannya, boneka itu harus terus dipegang dan roh boneka itu akan membawa pemegangnya berlari-lari kemana-mana, lalu ini dijadikan permainan kejar-kejaran.
Siapa yg kelelahan akan ‘ditangkap’ oleh ‘boneka hidup’ itu, dipukuli dengan kepala boneka yg biasanya dibuat dari tempurung. Yang menggerakkan adalah roh di dalam boneka itu.
Permainan ini disebut Ni Thowong, atau Ninidok, atau ada lagi yang nyebut Nini Thowok.
Permainan tersebut emang lazim dimainkan anak – anak jaman dulu, soalnya jaman dulu belum ada mal, belum ada bioskop apalagi playstation, dll…
Mantra penanggulangannya :
Nga tha ba ga ma,
Nya ya ja dha pa,
La wa sa ta da,
Ka ro co no ho. (di baca 7 kali)
Kalau di amati, mantra diatas sebenarnya adalah ejaan huruf Jawa tapi disusun terbalik. Itu disebut Caraka Walik, mantra Jawa Kuno untuk menangkal roh jahat.

Bagaimana Mati Suri Bisa Terjadi

Pengalaman mati suri (Near Death Experience) seringkali terjadi pada beberapa orang yang sedang sekarat. Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi pada saat mati suri? Atau hanya ada perubahan-perubahan kimia dalam otak dan organ indera sebelum kematian?
Rata-rata mati suri memiliki ciri-ciri umum tertentu, tapi ada juga yang memiliki pola berbeda. Seperti dikutip dari Howstuffworks, ada beberapa ciri umum ketika seseorang mati suri, yaitu:
  1. Perasaan ketenangan, perasaan ini kemungkinan meliputi kedamaian, penerimaan kematian, emosional dan kenyamaan fisik.
  2. Intensitas murni cahaya terang yang tidak menyakitkan, intensitas cahaya ini terkadang memenuhi ruangan tapi ada juga seseorang hanya melihat cahaya yang berasal dari surga atau Tuhan.
  3. Pengalaman keluar dari tubuh (out-of-body experience / OBE), orang merasa telah meninggalkan tubuhnya dan bisa melihat dokter yang bekerja padanya.
  4. Memasuki alam atau dimensi lain, hal ini biasanya tergantung dari keyakinan dan pengalamannya.
  5. Berjalan di terowongan, banyak orang yang mati suri menemukan dirinya berada di terowongan dengan cahaya di ujung dan bertemu dengan makhluk roh lainnya.
  6. Dapat komunikasi dengan roh, sebelum mati suri berakhir banyak orang yang melaporkan dapat berkomunikasi dengan roh lain dan diperintahkan untuk kembali ke tubuhnya.
Teori yang menjelaskan tentang mati suri dibagi menjadi dua kategori dasar yaitu penjelasan ilmiah (medis, fisiologis dan psikologis) serta penjelasan supernatural (spiritual dan agama).
Secara supernatural seseorang yang mati suri sebenarnya mengalami dan mengingat hal-hal yang terjadi dengan kesadaran tapi tanpa disertai tubuhnya.
Ketika seseorang mendekati kematian, maka jiwanya meninggalkan tubuh dan mulai merasakan hal-hal yang biasanya tidak bisa dirasakan. Jiwa berjalan melalui perbatasan antara hidup di dunia dan hidup di akhirat, biasanya diwakili oleh terowongan dengan cahaya di ujung.
Secara ilmiah proses mati suri sangat kompleks, subjektif dan emosional. Mekanisme di balik beberapa pengalaman ini adalah cara otak memproses informasi sensorik.
Apa yang seseorang lihat di sekelilingnya hanyalah jumlah dari semua informasi sensorik yang diterima otak pada saat tertentu. Jika seseorang membayangkan sesuatu saat inderanya tidak berfungsi dengan baik, maka otak akan menerima informasi yang salah.
Hal ini kemungkinan disebabkan oleh obat-obatan atau beberapa bentuk trauma yang menyebabkan otak orang tersebut menutup. Beberapa ahli berteori bahwa gangguan saraf atau kelebihan beban informasi yang dikirim ke korteks visual otak, menciptakan gambaran cahaya terang yang berangsur-angsur menjadi lebih besar. Otak dapat menafsirkan hal ini sebagai bergerak di terowongan gelap.
Selama mengalami mati suri, tubuh rawan mengalami kerusakan karena otak menafsirkan informasi yang salah. Kombinasi antara efek trauma dan kekurangan oksigen di dalam otak memunculkan pengalaman melayang ke angkasa dan menatap tubuh Anda sendiri. Sensasi damai yang dirasakan dipicu oleh meningkatnya kadar endorfin yang diproduksi oleh otak selama trauma.
Salah input sensoris yang diterima, ditambah dengan kekurangan oksigen dan endrofin akan menciptakan sebuah pengalaman surealisme meskipun realistis. Selain itu neurotransmitter di otak yang menutup akan menciptakan ilusi yang indah bagi semua orang yang dekat dengan kematian.